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Everyone has something in their life that no longer serves us and needs gone. Perhaps it's and addiction, a negative habit, depression, or even that super annoying neighbor. Banishing is not to bring harm, but to remove from our lives that which brings negativity or pain. Our Banishing candle will help focus your intention to remove those things from your life and make room for positivity and happiness. Our Banishing Intention Candle is 6.5 oz and contains the following elements: Color: White - to represent freedom from the thing you are banishing Crystals: Lepidolite gemstone to dissolve negative habits or energy from your life so you can channel all your energy into your highest calling and Black Tourmaline gemstone chips to banish destructive forces and energetic vampires. Herbs: Rue, Rosemary and other balance focused ingredients Scent: Black Pepper and Rosemary fragrance oil Candle: A soy blend with a crackling wooden wick Remember that although this candle is poured with intention-setting ritual, YOUR intention is what gives the candle it’s power. For best results, as you burn it, keep it near you and keep your intention and energy focused on Banishing any negative energies in your space. The power of intention comes from within YOU. All of our candles are handcrafted and may have slightly different ingredients but the correct intentional properties will always be imbued within. Each candle is unique and will vary in appearance. Never leave a candle unattended while burning. Ensure that your wick stays trimmed to 1/8 an inch after each burn. Keep out of reach of children. Always place on a fire proof surface before lighting.