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Spiritual goods & guides for mind, body & spirit!

Chakra Box delivers you a monthly Chakra Balancing Journey and includes a special delivery of vegan spiritual items and meditations to enhance body, mind, and spirit. Expect high vibe items such as Organic Aromatherapy, Gemstone Jewelry, and Crystals to assist in your quest for well-being.
  • Each shipment contains items like organic aromatherapy, crystals, gemstone jewelry, herbal teas, sacred altar items and other spiritual tools.
  • Every Chakra Box includes 10-12 Vegan and Cruelty free items with a $77-$111 retail value.
  • All products are handpicked and sourced from exclusive partners around the world. Crystals are purchased directly, we support ethical and sustainable companies that are in alignment with our mission!
  • A curated digital download of additional items such as books, music, meditations, & yoga classes are carefully selected for each box to assist in your Chakra Balancing journey!
  • A gift in every holiday shipment valued at $15 & Free U.S. Shipping!

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Earth Star Chakra Box
Earth Star Chakra Box

This is an example of your first Chakra box "Earth Star" ! It includes multiple gemstones, selenite, incense, sacred space spray, handmade wooden crystal grid, tranquility roll, sandalwood mala, an eBook, virtual yoga class, yoga/meditation card, & guided Journal.

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Chakra Box - A Self Care Guided Journey For Mind, Body & Spirit

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