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Online Training: Zoom-tastic Events that Engage by Jennifer Buchholz ($47)

Make Virtual Meetings Matter: How to Turn Virtual Meetings from Status Updates to Remarkable Conversations. Meetings should matter. Even, and especially when those meetings are taking place online. Revolutionize your online meetings―moving them from dreaded obligation to a powerful way to get things done in business and in life. ($10)

Desk Easel by Bloom Planners - 365 inspirational quotes, positive affirmations and daily challenges displayed beautifully on your desk! Helps set the tone for your day! No years are printed on pages so it is reusable year after year! ($19)

Anti-Blue Light Glasses: Bye bye fry eye! Prevent eye strain from digital devices using these adorable specs. This product was a huge hit in a past box and we brought it back with new styles. ($25)

Microfiber glasses pouch: Store your new anti-blue light glasses in this cute pouch that doubles as a lens + screen cleaner. ($5)

Webcam cover: Like it or not, cyber security should be on your radar. Block the bad guys by affixing this sliding cover over your webcam. Slide open for meetings. Slim enough for your laptop without impeding closure. ($3)

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