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Enchanted Crystal's "Crystal Variety Box" Plan

Experience the magic of crystals and minerals curated by experts with a life-long passion and fascination with the crystal and mineral kingdoms. Every crystal is hand-picked especially for you from sources all around the world! Enchanted Crystal’s mission is to share beautiful crystals with the world.
  • Crystal Variety Box: Includes 4-6 crystals or mineral specimens, and a newly-designed and hand-crafted cloth grid every month.
  • Each crystal or mineral includes a QR code to access a variety of information! Info such as where they are commonly found, how they are formed, and what metaphysical properties they may have.
  • U.S. shipping and handling included. Crystals are sourced from around the world and hand-picked each month with care and intention.
  • Packaged with eco-friendly and recyclable materials by our in-house team. No outsourcing or fulfillment used. We are proud to ship directly to our subscribers!
  • New to collecting crystals or just want an intro? Scroll to the bottom of this listing and click on our Crystal of the Month plan!

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