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Bring all of the fun of an escape room into your own home, and work with your friends to solve riddles and conquer puzzles.

  • Designed for ages 10+.

  • Can be played either SOLO or in a SMALL GROUP of 2-6.

  • Games can take 2-3 hours to complete, but we have the game divided into chapters to allow you to take breaks and come back to finish on your schedule.

  • Each box comes filled with envelopes, glossy papers, and PROPS which are actually used in the game. Even the box itself is used, as the illustrations inside become the game board for your adventure!

  • Use our website to input codes and gain access to audio/visual elements as you play. All of our puzzles fit the theme and the website helps the game come to life!

  • We are the PERFECT gift for the sleuth in your family! Send an EXPERIENCE with our game that they will never forget.


FOUR QUESTS await in this legendary adventure. You have been invited to a grand tournament in the legendary Camelot to compete against Sir Lancelot. When you arrive, however, you discover that the kingdom is in chaos. King Arthur has gone missing and the mythical “round table” has been broken into 4 pieces. It is up to you to take on 4 quests to reassemble the table and to restore Camelot to its former glory.

Can you pull the sword from the stone, vanquish a dragon, match wits with Merlin, or battle your way to victory? Encounter characters like Merlin, Guinevere, Mordred, Lancelot, and Morgan Le Fay as you attempt to figure out what is real and what is legend. Be careful though…. with every passing minute, the darkness around Camelot grows.

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