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"Is there anything better than soaking in a bath at the end of a long day?? Although soaking in a tub, in general, is a nice way to pamper yourself after a hard day, adding sea salts is said to extend the benefits to your skin, muscles, and joints. Bath salt also draws out the harmful toxins and bacteria absorbed by the skin throughout the day, keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy and clear. Bath salt is an old stress relief method. Sprinkle in your bath a spoon of salt, close your eyes and feel the warmth of the water on your skin. Breathe in slowly for five seconds, then slowly breathe out. Repeat. Let go of the worries of the day and feel your body gently relax. You deserve this! Lizush Eucalyptus salt has a cheering and detoxifying impact on your skin and spirit. Eucalyptus Bath Salts Soak includes: Eucalyptus Natural Bath Salts Soak - 9 oz, Wooden spoon, Cotton bag. Eucalyptus bath salt ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan salt, Epsom Salt, Eucalyptus Essential Oils. "