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LAST CHANCE! This box will no longer be sold on a daily basis on January 15th (or sooner if it sells out)! Order now! Order this box as a STAND ALONE adventure and not as a part of the subscription. This box is no longer a part of the regular subscription and does not renew. Game night has never been this exciting! You have one hour to solve the puzzles, crack the codes, uncover the mysteries, and escape from the room. Everything you need is inside the box and can be played right at your dining room table! Inside is one escape adventure - Escape: Outlaw! Travel back to the wild west to recover a long lost object and clear your good name. When you arrive in the town of Rattler Gulch, you will need to make a choice between joining the law and hunting down the bandits or becoming an outlaw and joining a life of crime. Either know this is all going to end in a shootout.