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Glass Moon Candles - Hand-Crafted & Personalized

A monthly subscription box for everyone who loves the scent and feel of a burning candle. Choose your scent preferences and candle size to tailor your box to you! Subscription options include melts, 6 oz. candles and 10oz. candles. Our candles are handcrafted with crackling wooden wicks to give it that extra homey touch.
  • All candles are handcrafted in small batches so every candle burns beautifully. Each one is created from a soy-blend with a crackling wood wick so you have a better scent throw when burning. The crackling wood wick also helps warm the wax around the wick instead of just burning it off quickly with a tall flame that is more likely to happen with a cotton wick candle.
  • Personalize your subscription with our quick scent preference survey during checkout. Choose between floral, herbal, food, earthy, tropical, masculine, seasonal, clean or a mixture of all your favorites. Update your scent preferences at any time during your subscription.
  • Our New Moon box consists of (3) different melts. The Crescent Moon box is (1) 6 oz. candle. The Waxing Moon box is (1) 10 oz. candle and the Full Moon box consists of (1) 10 oz., (1) 6 oz., and (3) different melts! Each melt or candle will be chosen to perfectly match your scent preferences.
  • We want our candles to help you enjoy every day as much as we enjoy each day making them. Glass Moon Candles also make a great gift!
  • We offer free shipping on all our subscription options. Glass Moon Candles only ships to subscribers in the US.

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