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Get your magnifying glass out - this edition is all about the minibeasts roaming our gardens, parks and countryside! Inside the magazine you'll find a pullout flowchart and worksheets for identifying common minibeasts, a pond skating bug to colour and float and balancing butterflies to play with. There are pitfall traps to build, specimen trays to set up and pooters to construct (if you don't know what these are then you're not alone... they're special devices to suck up creepy crawlies - and you can make your own pooter out of a hummus pot, a couple of straws and a pair of tights - genius!). We also bring you exciting news of potential new antibiotics found on fungi-farming leafcutter ants, a peek inside a mobile phone, lots of experiments with the surface tension of water, the story of the life of astronomer Caroline Herschel and a look at owning insects as pets!