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Online Training: Slay Your Year by Susie Moore. For people who don’t want to settle for “fine.” If you look at your life and say, “Is this all there is?”…If you wish you cared less about what people think and could start living for YOU… If you just want to enjoy yourself and RELAX rather than worrying 99% of the time…Self Confidence School can help. Register for Slay Your Year for FREE as part of your Sparkle Hustle Grow membership! ($997 value)

Stop Checking Your Likes: Shake Off the Need for Approval and Live an Incredible Life by Susie Moore. Millions of us waste huge chunks of our days checking our phones and devices, looking for just one more thumbs-up or red heart. It’s the modern measurement of how accepted, wanted, or valued we seem to be. Susie Moore is going to help you shake off the need for that hollow approval and live the incredible, confident life you were meant to live.($16)

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