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Crystals, Tarot and Astrology

Crystals, Astrology, and Tarot. Astrology Calendar, Horoscope, A Tarot card pulled just for you. This box will give you all the tools you need to help make decisions on different aspects of your life. Our boxes are hand-curated each month. Want more items, check out our Magickal Earth Premium, Want less check out our Magickal Earth Basic!
  • Astrology Calendar and Horoscope
  • Tarot Card drawn just for you
  • Crystals
  • Our boxes are centered around many aspects of life. Whether it is Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter or maybe it is Mercury Retrograde etc..., everything about the boxes will take into account all the aspects of what is happening and will be happening during the monthly cycle.
  • A great box for those that love Astrology, Tarot and Crystals but do not need all of the extra items.

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