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"This is the story of King Tut as told by himself. In this unique first-person story, Baby King Tut appears to us from the afterlife to explain to the world about the real King Tut. The cartoon Tut takes us through is life as a boy, tells us about his people the Kemites and his Land called Kemet now know to the world as Egypt. King Tut now the worlds most famous Pharaoh was also the youngest ruler of Ancient Egypt he became King at the tender age of 9 years old cutting his super fun childhood short. He grew up fast, got married and had to make grown-up decisions after the sudden death of his father the radical Pharaoh Akhenaten. The Baby King Tut explains everything that happened to him in a fresh first-person story for kids to enjoy and learn about his short but life. " Ages: 4-8 years old