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Product Details

- 5 guitar picks in a reusable bamboo drawstring bag.
- 100% biodegradable.
- Made entirely of a unique blend of eco-plastic and plant-based materials.
- Lacquer-free matte surface and raised grip texture for optimal playability and comfort.
- 0.73mm thick.
- Feel and play like those "other" yellow ones, but these are eco-friendly!
You guys: This is a gamechanger. A result of two years of research and development, the second-generation MRB signature guitar picks are ready for their new homes in your pocket, guitar case, or gig bag.

The evolved MRB Signature Guitar Picks offer you the same feel and familiarity of those picks you've been using and depending on for years, except with the added benefit of being 100% biodegradable.

Innovative products are like referees at at basketball game: the best ones are the ones you don't even notice.

You've ditched plastic on other areas of your life - and you're amazing for that. Now, you can finally do it here.

It's never been easier to love how you make, what you make.