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at the oddball club, we believe in the power of self-care, indulging, and vintage, kitschy, handmade items! our micro box is filled with 3-10 items and always includes a handmade brand and a greeting card. Our assortment of stuff will spark happy 90s memories or lead to an obsession with a new brand. JUNE THEME: hello sunshine SOLD OUT July announced 6/22 much like those mystery lollipops or a pack of special pogs, you will not know what you are getting until you open our package! if you just can't wait until you get it, here are some hints on what the box might include: flare, stationary, beauty face masks, and/or a fun surprise or two based on the theme. The possibilities are endless! you might be asking how do i know if i'll like the items? do you like handmade, unique, and or fun items that make you feel nostalgic + warm and fuzzy? then become a member. still not convinced? our parent company is and some of the items fit the tone of the gifts section. your box will ship around july 15. happy summer oddball babes & dudes!