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Planet Wishbox includes amazing eight- all planet themed-items! Have you seen anything so special like this? 🪐 Your girl can make three beautiful confetti collage ceramic trinket trays. Outta this world patches can be patched any fabric you would like. The Nickel-free planet charm acrylic necklace is super cool and hypoallergenic. OMG your girl will have 1000+ Outta this galaxy stickers which would give them endless fun! Planet note pals are so cute and will come in handy while reading books or even doing homework. Don’t forget this Planet Wishbox comes with two facial masks and a Starry pen that your girl will love! Planet Wishbox includes * Fashion Angels Confetti Collage Trinket Trays * Fashion Angels 1000+ Outta This Galaxy Stickers * Calico Sun Nickel-free Acrylic Planet Charm Necklace * OOLY Outta This World Patch’em! (3 Iron On Patches) * OOLY Planet Pals (Sticky Tabs) * OOLY Starry Pen * Facetory Moon Velvet Mask * Patch Holic Planet Aqua Mask