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LIMITED ITEM (We only offer approx. a dozen of these packs every 3 months.) Also, this is a one-time purchase of an adults-only selection of stickers. There is no penpal membership or recurring subscription with this purchase of grown-up stickers. Quirky Pickle Sticker Pals is a penpal sticker club for kids, yes, but it is a sticker club in which we hand select every single sticker that goes out to the club members. We have a continual flow of completely original Quirky Pickle designs for our stickers, postcards, and educational inserts for the kids. We also have tons of stickers from other sources, and sometimes some inappropriate or explicit stickers come our way. We carefully pull those suckers out and set them aside . . . and we have created twelve adult grab bags of stickers from our latest shipments! Buying one of the very limited adult grab bags does not make you an adult club member . . . and you don’t get matched with a penpal. All of that is for the kids. This is simply us offering you a chance to purchase one of just a small handful of the stickers we deemed too inappropriate for youngsters or simply just over their head. You’ve been warned. The stickers in the ADULT GRAB BAG are NOT for kids. They are for you, the grown adult reading this. To buy one, you consent to being at least 18 years of age when you click the button and complete your one-time purchase. THIS IS FOR THE ADULT GRAB BAG ONLY. Click to buy now. Only a dozen available this month. These are not available every month. Follow us on social media to watch for future opportunities at the adult grab bags.