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The vibrant orange of this candle is associated with the sacral or Svadisthana chakra and represents creativity, pleasure, emotions and procreation. Use its energy to increase intimacy, sensuality, confidence, and sociability. Chakra Candles are ideal for use in sacred spaces, for meditation, chakra rebalancing and to create a warm and relaxing environment. Our Sacral Chakra Intention Candle is 6 ounces and is orange in color. Orange connects you to others through feelings. The candle is made with a Jasmine scent and finished with Carnelian, Sunstone and Smoky Quartz healing crystals and Moonstone gemstone chips. This candle is a helpful addition to meditation or sitting in your sacred space Remember YOUR intention is what gives the candle it’s power. For best results, as you burn it, keep it near you and keep your intention and energy focused on your Sacral Chakra. The power of intention comes from within YOU. All of our candles are handcrafted and may have slightly different ingredients but the correct intentional properties will always be imbued within. Each candle is unique and will vary in appearance. Never leave a candle unattended while burning. Ensure that your wick stays trimmed to 1/8 an inch after each burn to leave you with the purest burn to power your spells.