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Plan ahead, take the initiative for yourself

That feeling you get when you feel loved...give it to yourself! Each month the Self Care Package direclty delivers that vibe to your door! Each item you recieve serves a specific purpose making you so happy you thought ahead, from helping you feel everything from sexier to safer. See our list of features for the purose of each new monthly piece
  • A new piece to help you you feel safer each month, siren alarms, keychains, flashlights
  • A new initimate item each month, eye mask, diamonds ear plugs, bath bombs, vegan skin creams
  • A new exclusive TDR brand piece ( only available in our care packages) long sleeves, crop tops, swearshirts,beanies, bags, hats etc
  • A ranom new high quality surrise each month!
  • 3 new pieces to add to your beauty each month, 3 pairs of lashes, vegan beauty products, face rollers, face masks, hand & feet masks

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TDR Monthly Self Care Package

by TDR Boxes