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Calling all spies. Introduce your future world changer to The Fierce Protector, Irena Sendler. From a very young age, Irena was taught that all people, no matter their background, their religion, or how they may be different from you are deserving of respect and kindness because they're people. You help at all costs. So when she saw what was happening around her in Warsaw, Poland during World War II she knew she had to do something. As a resistance worker with Żegota (the Polish Resistance), Irena smuggled 2,500 Jewish children out of the Warsaw Ghetto and hid them throughout the Polish countryside. Future world changers will sure to be inspired by this incredibly fearless world changer. A nod to the female spies of World War II and resistance workers like Irena, this spy-themed crate includes: the 28-page GIRLS CAN! Activity Book, everything you need to collect and examine fingerprints, an activity to help you write and decode secret messages, a spyglass for your imaginative kiddos to engineer to look around corners as they carry out their secret missions, a collectible button, and more! *Includes US shipping, an $8 value!*