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Follow our diverse group of kids as they day learn how easy it can be to cultivate and spread love, kindness, compassion, and gratitude!From understanding that we live on a planet that provides everything we need to thrive free of cost to all humans and how we can extend that abundance to each other in everyday life. From giving to those who are less fortunate, to seeing the concept of reciprocity in action. This storybook shows that all acts of kindness are needed to make the world a better place.A gem lesson of kindness is found on each page!Included in the book is the value of patience, being content and satisfied, sharing, caring and how to always know if their actions are good. This book helps to encourage your child to Be Polite, Share, Be a Helping hand to others, and Show Respect. This book is a tool for parents who value raising kind, compassionate and empathetic children that make the world a better place!