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Smartass and Sass on Jun 2018

This was my first box, and I have to admit it left me a bit underwhelmed. When I saw photos of boxes from previous months, I was so very excited to join. The bucket list book, the luggage tag, the cand,e and the hello sunshine pen were all a hit - I loved them! But the small notebook, sunglasses, and water bottle left me feeling meh. The notebook was a more personal thing - it was too small and a bit flimsy for my liking. Sunglasses are literally the last thing I need, but being optimistic, they could be a good stand-in for the lake so I'm not heartbroken if they get lost/broken. And the water bottle just didn't feel very sturdy - it seemed like it was made out of the thinnest metal possible; again, personally, I like a substantial water bottle - something that won't induce fear if I drop it at the gym or on a run. I know this is a bit lengthy, but I wanted to be thorough for my first review. I'm planning on sticking around for the October box to see if I like those items better and that this month was just a "miss" for me. Overall though, I love the theme of this and I've seen a lot of items that look awesome! Plus, I love supporting small businesses, especially those run by women! #ladypower

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