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Great Subscription for Jewelry Sets+

mintMONGOOSE Jewelry Subscription on Nov 2021

I love getting my monthly MintMONGOOSE shipment because it’s always so exciting to see the jewelry set and extras included!
I like to accessorize, but don’t take the time to actually find complimentary pieces to wear together, but with MintMONGOOSE I now have multiple sets of matching jewelry, such as my latest shipment which included: earrings, necklace, bracelet and a ring that all match (and look great!) PLUS I received an adorable mermaid handle makeup brush and a very chic ombré double-ended lipstick.
I have gotten so many compliments on the MintMONGOOSE jewelry I wear and their store is full of more amazing pieces and really reasonably priced (plus subscribers get a significant discount). I couldn’t be happier with the products and at such a reasonable price too! Also, the owner(?) Helena is so sweet and really cares about her customers’ satisfaction and strives to make sure people are happy with their shipments.
I highly recommend this subscription for yourself and you should consider gifting a month or more and someone will be very grateful!

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2 Beautiful & Delightfully Unique Plants

Succulents Monthly on Jun 2021

I loved my first box SO much!!! I am curious if I’m supposed to remove all the brown stringy things and also wonder how to water the one that covers all of its vase (I’m afraid I’ll rip off a piece). Even with my questions, each is doing great a couple weeks in - better looking now actually even! Any tips for a real plant klutz is appreciated and I like how each comes with a care tag. Thanks! Looking forward to box 2!

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Love my Therabox!!!

TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box on Jun 2021

It’s really Therapy I’m a box and in such an exciting and pampering way. The emails and FB support groups are also nice. Highly recommend because we all deserve to have some “us” time.

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Always Look Forward to TheraBox!

TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box on Jun 2021

I’m 33 and I’m in poor health. I spend most time in bed which needless to say can get boring. When I discovered TheraBox it has since been a ray of sunshine with a multiplicative effect of benefits for myself, and even my family. Mindfulness has been a struggle for me but my Mayo Class mic doctors were adamant about calming my brain - but I always asked ‘How?’ as until at 29 I felt invincible and always on the go. TheraBox is really useful mindfulness tools and so much more. I’m truly in a better headspace because of the wonderful journals and prompts. I’m also a big fan of The Happy Shoppe! I couldn’t recommend this box more for someone who may be struggling or for someone who wants to relax and take some introspective time. Thank you TheraBox for helping me so much and for so thoughtfully choosing what’s in each box!!

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Quality Varies Greatly

Get Basic on Oct 2020

At first this seemed like a great subscription. The products all seemed good quality and there were no issues with customer service. However, the quality seemed to continue to decrease and then one month would be much better and I had a multi-month subscription so I was locked-in. My latest shipment was the poorest quality of shirt sent yet and I will definitely not be renewing my subscription. I’m put-off by the poor customer service I received when, without my permission, I was charged for a 3-month subscription while I still had 2-months left on my then current subscription. I emailed asking my for a refund and the double order be fixed. I was only refunded for the unsent boxes even though I never wanted an additional box in the same month. BasicMan customer service said they could not have made the error and so it must be my fault. I initially recommend BasicMan but now would not do so and advise not purchasing an extended subscription if you are going to give BasicMan a try so you don’t get stuck with many shipments of low quality shirts.

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EarFleek on Jul 2020

I was so excited by this service and then it became a nightmare of incompetent Earfleek employees and that was after waiting over a week for an initial response. I ordered classy, a boho and a fun/silly styles but after multiple rounds of duplicate charges and then Earfleek customer service was rude for no reason - I then received two of the exact same earring and a week later the third pair, which was different on appearance at least than the first two. Sadly, I’m stuck with the 3-month subscription because I hate that they are getting any more $ from me and don’t appreciate rude emails from companies when I was never rude to them. Go to Forever 21 or H&M for better quality cheap earrings— or better yet, try Bliss Box. I got my first Bliss Box yesterday and the jewelry is great and doesn’t look cheap like Earfleek, and though it costs a little more - you get a ton more and way cuter better quality stuff. Also, the owner included a personal letter to me as I was one of her first 20 subscribers and I can vouch that she’s kind and great customer service!!!
Wow - Earfleek waits almost a year before responding and then blame me for buying multiple Groupons but there was no restriction- I read the fine print. The earrings are as LOW QUALITY as any I’ve ever encountered, they send duplicates regularly and if you read the reviews it’s clear they...

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