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Highly recommend for wellness

Merkaela on Jun 2018

I am in LOVE with this box. It was definitely a great surprise when I got it and I felt like a small child opening gifts on christmas. 1st of all, I loved the packaging and the thought behind the presentation. I loved going through each product one by one reading their descriptions, as well as, reading the description card. The Merkaela cards were helpful in understanding the product, understanding how to use it and even begin manifesting right away. I recommended it to all of my friends that are on the same wellness journey as me.
I do not leave the house without my Tourmaline crystal. I am a mental health professional and I am exposed to a lot of different energies throughout my day. I have felt so much more energetic knowing that the Tourmaline is protecting my energy and warding off negativity. The sage is a great aspect of the box as I use it to guide my day each day. I can light it when I begin my meditation practice every morning. The Jasmine and Ylang Ylang spray is Phenomenal! I use it when meditating in the morning and before bed. It smells great and really grounds me. I use the tea when I have a little more time and the Caramel Chai smells and tastes great!
I also sometimes start my day off with the playlist that was created for this box.
I am a strong believer in self-care and I LOVE taking baths. The Juniper...

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