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Silverbeam Creations on Aug 2021

We're only one month in so far, but we love our items! They seem very well thought-out and designed, with the creators trying to go the extra mile to give the objects a little extra flair.

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Look forward to it every month

Skulls Unlimited International, Inc. on Jul 2020

I've gotten four of these boxes so far and am looking forward to my next one! I'm interested to see that subscribers don't always seem to get the same things as each other (I received a chinchilla skull this month while others mention skunk skulls). I'm both pleased about this, as I can now hope to get skulls that I've missed in the past, and am also curious to see if we ever end up with doubles or if Skulls Unlimited is keeping track of who has gotten what. Either way, the skulls and other beautiful surprises have been quality additions to my home month after month. Thank you for such a creative and thoughtful subscription box!

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