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I’m regretting getting this !!

The Keto Box on Mar 2021

How did I like my keto crate? I would be able to tell you and review it had I received it it’s been over two months I’ve not received it I’ve called and complained and they just keep stalling it then finally I got a notice from USPS that it was ready to ship they were just waiting for it two weeks went by and they never received it at this point all I can consider is that this company is just a scam I had other subscription come companies and I don’t wait months to get the first box snackcrate for one superb service now if I ever receive my box I will gladly come in here and change my review no matter what the wait is ridiculous But you’re asking me to review something so I’m not God and you know I got got it because I complained what does that sound like to you

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