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Immersive Puzzle Game

Enigma Fellowship on Apr 2022

Signed up on this due to the various reviews that I have read. I am happy to say that all the reviews were spot on. Puzzles were not difficult, but it was also not real easy kinds. It promotes lateral thinking and you have to 'think out of the box' to figure out what they were asking.
Audio was good with transcripts as it allows everyone to understand the story as international players such as myself might have trouble catching the accent of foreign speakers.
Story was immersive, if only one day, they can use this same concept to design a horror themed game - that would be intense. Truly recommended!


Terrible Subscription

Finders Seekers Mysteries on Dec 2020

This is horrendous. I am not sure why would anyone like this game if they are into puzzles. If you are a beginner sure, but if you like puzzles and 'aha' moments, stray far away from this. I spent about 45 USD monthly for this, what do I get?
1. Logic Puzzles like who is the 3rd position
2. Eye Illusion Puzzles
3. Anagrams and Ciphers
4. English puzzles like figure out what word can be a prefix and suffix of another
5. Mastermind Puzzles (1 correct, 2 wrong position etc)
Why would I pay this sort of money for such quality? I am not belittling these puzzles, but these are puzzles for beginners and the best part is YOU CAN FIND THESE ONLINE!! When I am paying such money, I expect puzzles which test my brain and not random riddles plucked off the internet. I can do that myself.
It is really sad as I subscribed to a 12 month plan because I happen to buy 3 of their boxes at the right time and those puzzles were creative and engaging. After those 3, i trusted them and subscribed to a 12 month plan immediately. Boy, did I regret. After 5 or 6 boxes in, I couldn't stand it anymore and I cancelled my plan. Their latest box, the Canada one, forced me to write this review as I just clicked the answers without even trying once I knew what the puzzle wants me to do - like rearranging the letters and figure out a...

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