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Can do better

spaklebeautybox on Nov 2019

Not impressed. The cheap yellow highlighter is gross. The contour kit looks like it's from China.

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Love it

Monthly Coloring Club on Jul 2019

This is so fun. I have the version you have emailed and downloaded to your machine. I love it. If you think of six different ways that you would like to color it you can. It's much better than a coloring book.

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Just as pretty but costs a lot less

Jewlybox on Apr 2019

I used to subscribe to that OTHER jewelry service where you get to WEAR their jewelry as long as you want and THEN if you want it pay crazy prices for it if you like it. Like hundreds of dollars. I was always terrified I would wear it and break it so that was never fun.

I had to laugh and laugh. Because I did buy the earrings from them before I quit but did not buy the necklace because it was so delicate AND expensive.

So what did I get in my first month of Jewly Box, THE MATCHING NECKLACE. THE EXACT MATCHING NECKLACE.

The Jewlry box jewelry is contemporary but timeless in this first box I got. It is not something that looks dated. It was just beautiful.

I am debating getting a subscription for my ex mother in law who is a girly girl but I think she might be too picky but I love it and am trying to think who I want to get a subscription for.

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My favorite subscription

Used Books Monthly on Mar 2019

I have subscribed to all sorts of things. BY FAR, this was the best bang for the buck. Less than $15/mo. for four very nice quality used books. My husband subscribes now too. We love it. I get four. He gets two because he is not as much of a reader.

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Stress Less Box on Dec 2018

I have vascular issues. Monq inhalers have not been proven safe. I tried one and went into anaflaxous. Sp. Had to epipen. They are not a safe health product.

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Violette Sticker Club on Oct 2018

These are nothing less than outstanding and gorgeous. I don't know how they can send you so much for the price but I am glad they can. They are so beautiful. I always have left over stickers to send to friends as gifts.

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EarFleek on Oct 2018

They are small but high quality it. Have never had an itch or irritation from them. She packages them extremely well. They always arrive in one piece. Very cute.

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Very nice

TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box on Aug 2018

It is a very nice gift for anyone. I just got mine yesterday. I was very impressed with it. It is quite lovely. I can't wait until the kid is a day care so I can soak with my bath products.

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Really enjoy this box

Sensory TheraPLAY Box on Aug 2018

I am a caregiver and get very stressed out. Someone suggested stress toys and then someone just suggested toys in general. So I got this box a few times and was NOT disappointed. I really enjoyed the contents. It really does give you a lot of stress realize. My favorite toys being the Scrub Bug and I am not sure what it's called it's like the outside of a stuffed animal and you blow up a balloon inside of it and toss it about. It's great fun.

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Smells so good!!!

Moondancer on Jun 2018

I have gotten two boxes. I loved them both. They smell wonderful and their lotion scents stay on your skin. It's all so terrific. I highly recommend them. If you are into things that smell good, you will like this box. It's different from any of the other boxes I have tried.

Best Monthly Box I Ever Got For Books

Used Books Monthly on Jun 2018

The books are mostly high quality, good condition best sellers. They are relevant to the subjects I have chosen. It seems like they actually pick out the books to my taste. I look forward to it every month. I have TWO subscriptions to this club. I am a big reader. Best $13 you can spend on a book club.

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Got once but got hooked and came back

Sensory TheraPLAY Box on Jun 2018

I only received this box once but I am resubscribing because I get such pleasure in this box. I love it. I still play with the toys to ease my stress of being a care giver. I get stressed out to the max and escape into my own little world playing with these toys in my "infinite free time".

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Favorite box ever!!!!

Sensory TheraPLAY Box on Jun 2018

I am a caregiver. I have A LOT of stress. This box is such a blessing. I play w stress toys to relieve anxiety. All the toys were NEW THERAPY TOYS. NO OLD FASHIONED BORING STRESS CUBES. I received the box when I was under a lot of pressure. It was wonderful. Better than getting candy or flowers. Highly recommend.

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No Problems

My Thrill Club! on Jun 2018

I have been nothing but THRILLED with my thrill club. I have canceled and restarted several times for financial problems and they have never skipped a beat. These are seriously good movies and books. OH SAY HI TO SLASH FOR ME. (inside thing).

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Absolutley fleeking wonderful

EarFleek on Jun 2018

I love this subscriptions. Always received on time. Super cute earrings. Have unsubscribed and resubscribed numerous times due to finances and she has never lost my order, etc. I have always gotten what I paid for.

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