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Tiny box, overpriced shipping, no labels

Kinderwellnesstoday on Jun 2018

I am so disappointed by what I received that it's laughable. I got 3 incense cones, a few incense sticks labeled "Made in China", 3 fall smelling wax melts, a tea light, and some pellet looking things I guess the maker called "potpourri". There is no listing of any scents or ingredients. There is some printed paper telling us a Bible verse and the maker's vision for building a warehouse and employing people. Based on the description and photos for this box, I expected herbs and scents for burning, not 3 wax melts and a few random pieces of incense. I will be requesting a refund.

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Excellent quality!

Tamed Wild Box on Jun 2018

This is the second subscription I’ve started with a CrateJoy vendor, and I have to give great kudos to this one! Great products, fresh, and beautifully and clearly labeled. I can’t wait for my next Tamed Wild Apothecary box!

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