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LD Accessories Box on Jul 2020

I LOVE THIS BOX! I have nothing but great experience with it right from the time i signed up to the time i got the box.
Signing up for the box was standard and super easy. They asked a series of questions so they could customize the box for you, which they did for me! Right after the sign up i got an email from Deborah and she informed me that I am their first customer from India, YAY!
The content of the box was way over the money you pay for it. The amount of time and effort the team puts in assembling the box and ensuring you get what is right for you just blew my mind.

However, that said, i still had to go and cancel it, though no fault of their. Like i said i love the box, and right after i finished signing up i got an email from Deborah explaining that i was their first customer from India, YAY!! but not really. You see, customs in India takes a long time to clear shipments like these. So even though the box was shipped almost right away, i got it only after 2 months. In fact i was sure this box was lost as i had received my second box almost a month before the first was finally delivered to me. On top of it i had to pay a almost 1/3rd more on custom tax. Even with the additional custom tax i was...

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