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Enjoy Flowers on Apr 2022

My giftee loved the flowers and how long they lasted. I was very impressed by the service provided. Made gifting someone in another state a breeze.

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Rose War Panty Power on Jul 2020

I hate shopping for period supplies more than anything in my life. It's something I simply don't remember until, you know, my period is here and I am too dead to go to the store. I do use a cup but there are days where I just can't deal with all of that. So this subscription is pretty great for someone who can't make a simple shopping list.
In my box, I received 2 panties (decent quality...you can probably buy similar ones for $1.99 at Ross), some tampons and pads (seem to be good quality), a little bottle of grapefruit essential oil (about $6 value...I loooove essential oils), 3 pieces of candy, and a glass nail buffer (really good quality...just not something I really need).
Overall, the value is definitely there for me. This isn't a box where you get a million dollars worth of stuff but it's a well-curated box that delivers the things you NEED in one convenient little box. Makes periods a little less awful.

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