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The Witches Bounty by The Witches Moon™ on Dec 2018

I was subscribed last December when this box launched for their first 4 months and I loved it but I unfortunately had to take a break for financial reasons and cancelled. I resubscribed with October being my first box since returning and everything described in that box & the contents within brought me to tears because it was exactly what I needed in that exact moment of my life. And then November rolled around and it was the same thing all over again. I don't know how they do it, all I do know is that there is definitely some potent magick working behind the scenes and being delivered from one witch to another. I'll never let this service slip away from me again!!

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The Witches Moon® on Dec 2018

I have been subscribed since October of 2017, although I am not a subscriber through Cratejoy, I have to go through their main website as I live in Canada. Time and time again this service leaves me mesmerized and breathless. The amount of metaphysical, spiritual, and esoteric knowledge I have gained from this service is incredible and invaluable. With international shipping + the exchange rate I pay roughly $92 (Canadian dollars) but it's worth every penny, every time. Before subscribing last year, I was just beginning my spiritual journey and The Witches Moon had opened so many spiritual doors for me, they played a major role in my awakening and for that I cannot thank them enough. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SUBSCRIPTION. It is worth the money, it's worth much more than the money. You will not be disappointed. I truly believe these curators are a gift from Spirit.

The Witches Moon® on Jul 2018

I just received my July box today and I have to say it is my favourite box yet. When I first picked up my new Mala beads I literally almost cried. I will be subscribed for one year in September and I have not yet received a box I didn't love. Although it's rather expensive shipping to Canada, it is totally worth the money and I could never bring myself to cancel this subscription.

5 Stars!!!

SugarMuses® on Jun 2018

I just unboxed my first Deluxe Muse Box this morning and I am so excited and satisfied with the contents, it has set the tone for my entire day! It is so beautifully packaged with love & intent and the items are so thoughtful with such pure energy. Kristi even included a little chocolate snack which was the cutest touch! I am definitely keeping this subscription. I can't wait to see what the coming months will bring! Kristi you are a brilliant creatrix!

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May Deluxe Muse Box

SugarMuses® on Jun 2018

I received my 3rd box today and I was the best kind of speechless while opening it. It arriving today on my birthday was amazing timing too! I live in Canada and the shipping has always been very fast. This was my favorite box so far. Kristi does amazing work, you can see just how much she strives to make sure her customers are happy and she goes above and beyond. I've tried many witchy sub boxes, and only this one and one other have left me awestruck. I feel so blessed and grateful to have found Sugarmuses. If I could rate Kristi 100 stars I would!! If you're not a subscriber then I highly recommend you get your hands on one before they sell out!

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The BEST witchcraft subscription

The Witches Moon® on Jun 2018

This is by far the most amazing witchy subscription you'll be able to find! It blows every other box out of the water! As soon as you open it you can literally feel the loving and creative energy that is put in to everything received. I have never seen or heard one bad review about this service, and it shows. The Samhain box was ON POINT. The Moon Box absolutely nail it. My November box is currently still in transit, as I live in Canada and I cannot wait to receive it. The Moon Box is such a blessing and I couldn't be happier. I have other subscriptions but it's this box that I truly can't wait to get my hands on experience every month and I recommend it to anyone on this beautiful path, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned witch you will LOVE this box!!!

Box of Shadows on Jun 2018

I enjoyed the November box. It's a great subscription of you're someone that would like basic suprise supplies delivered to you monthly. However I'm not happy with the fact they discontinued the chime candles. And I thought we were also to relieve a special votive candle each month? I looked online and realized that the lower level tiers did receive votive candles, however The Supreme did not. I subscribed to the most expensive tier because it includes everything from the lower tiers plus extras. I expected the votive to be included also. Besides that, I am enjoying the items I did receive.

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Over it

Box of Shadows on Jun 2018

So I unsubscribed to Box of Shadows today and am pretty pissed off as to where my money went. I'm subscribed to the most expensive tier and have noticed online today that the contents we've received is on the same level as the least expensive tier. Seeing as how subscribers to the Supreme are paying almost DOUBLE the amount as the Initiate we should be receiving the same products/amount of products as them plus the extras that we PAID for. I made a review similar to this last month but December's box was A LOT worse. Im so over this subscription. If anyone is looking for an amazing witchcraft based box that never disappoints I would tell you to sign up for the Moon Box Shop! (It will be renamed the Witch's Moon as of January) I've been subscribed since Mabon and I have never been more in love with a company. Also, I have taken the money used for Box of Shadows and newly subscribed to Goddess Provisions. There are so many amazing witchy boxes out there for you, please save your money and don't go with this one.

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April Deluxe Muse Box

SugarMuses® on Jun 2018

I received my second Deluxe Muse Box yesterday and I am so in love! This subscription is a keeper. This box and The Witches Moon are my number ones and are the absolute best and top quality witchcraft and spiritual boxes on Cratejoy. I will definitely be lifelong customer!!! Thank you so much Kristi for continually serving your customers with such loving energy :)

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