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April box

The Pixie Box on Apr 2020

Not only was the box late which I ordered especially for Easter for my daughter 😑 but it also didnt come with nearly as much as I though it would for the price just a few lip glosses (one peep Chapstick) some erasers 2 pens a face mask a (cheap looking) bath sponge? And bath bomb....the furry bunny purse was probably the nicest thing in this box which the box was huge and the amount of paper grass in it kind of wasteful for as small and minimal as the items inside. Over all it was an ok box just wasnt what I expected and it arriving the day after easter really bummed me out. I probably won't order a pixie box again but thank you for an easter themed box my daughter is still excited of course to receive some cute little goodies

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My experience

Magickal Earth on Feb 2019

Honestly I was a little dissapointed I went with option 3 which was the most in cost and according to the description vs. What I actually got wasnt "much more" I felt a little ripped off so to say I feel like the box was pretty small and am curious about how small the smaller box actually is. Most of what was in the box was paper.. I was hopeing for more crystals inscents and other goodies that were promised ... But over all what I did recieve was pretty neat so I cant complain. Though I more than likely wouldnt purchase this box again oh well on to the next. Thank you!

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