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Mystic Boxx on Jun 2018

You will never be disappointed with Mystic Boxx or Mystic Boxx Mini if you love receiving surprises to help you on your spiritual journey like myself. I love all of the spiritual goodies I have received. I highly recommend Mystic Boxx and Mystic Boxx Mini if you love receiving crystals from around the world and other neat spiritual surprises. And the long wait is definitely worth it! EDIT: I am always in awe when I receive Mystic Boxx. This month is no different. I am completely in enthralled with the items for this particular month. I'm so glad I subscribed to Mystic Boxx. EDIT: love the Mystic Boxx. Mystic Boxx has always left me in awe once I receive the items. The contents within Mystic Boxx definitely comes in handy to help aid me in my spiritual journey. I also love how Mystic Boxx has a different theme each month. If you want something to help aid you on your spiritual journey and you also love getting surprises each month, I highly recommend Mystic Boxx. EDIT: Mystic Boxx never disappoints me. I love the theme of this month's Mystic Boxx. The crystals highly resonated with me. The artwork is lovely and the descriptions of what's inside in the Mystic Boxx is a plus too.

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