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Disappointing, don’t buy!

MugCrate on Jun 2018

I was excited to sign up based on past mug crates. After carefully looking to see what had been in past crates, I took the plunge. Convinced I’d be getting a special mug each time I signed up for 4 deluxe crates at roughly $77 per crate.
I got a mug that retails for $10 from a tiki restaurant in Florida. The ‘deluxe’ part of my crate was a walking stick emblem and a cookie cutter. When I wrote the seller, and offered to return the crate for a refund they declined.
It was a ridiculous crate based on a Florida theme. Really, just garbage. Don’t look at the past crates, just know that the quality has gone way down hill. Please don’t waste your money like I did. Google the December 2017 crate and don’t buy!

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