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sadly disappointed

GeekGear on Jun 2018

When I subscribed to geek gear i was aware I would have to wait a long time to receive my box as I live in canada. Two days until the 4 week mark it has not shown up and I’m thourougjly dissappointed. I feel if they had tacking on the package I would feel more secure in my order but at this point with no tracking I’m worried it will never come. Disappointed I won’t get thie november one until january and december in february. quite sad they don’t have a better way. still looking forward to the goodies that will be inside though

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Sadly disappointing

GeekGear on Jun 2018

When I subscribed to the Geekgear World of Wizardry box I was aware that it COULD take up to 4 weeks to arrive in Canada as this is a UK company. I have been increasingly patient as I await the arrival of my November 2017 box but only a few days away from it being a full 4 weeks and it still has not arrived. I’m disappointed in the lack of tracking as I feel that would bring me a lot of comfort if I was able to track my package. I also subscribed for the December box and am disappointed to know I won’t get it until late January/February.

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