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Slowly Getting Frustrated, Unfortunately

From Korea with Love: Stationary Box on Dec 2019

I've been subscribed to this box for about 4 months, and while I'm definitely going to be here for January's box, one issue that I'm having is that it feels like the curation is not as awesome as it was before. In some cases it feels like we're getting a little bit less in terms of content.

In fact in the December box, there was literally no marketing material in the box or subscriber material (no branded materials, no subscriber won to earn rewards - second time in a row this has happened) as well as an absence of things that seemed to be a regular part of the box like a pair of cute socks amd a recipe card.

And then, the lack of marketing/branded materials is frustrating. It makes me feel like you could just hand me this box and say it was from anywhere and I wouldn't be able to tell you otherwise. It doesn't feel as careful or as caring as my first box and that's not great.

I'm sticking around for January, but if something doesn't change for the better in terms of consistency and quality, I'm going to have to dip.

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