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Coffee and a Classic on Jun 2018

Loved the first one. Good book, good coffee, cute extras, yummy snack. Really looked forward to the second.
I know it’s not necessarily their fault the second one didn’t deliver, things happen. And initially they were really apologetic. It’s just that it was returned 12/22 and they claimed not to have gotten it back until 1/1. Then they said they would reship it the next day and let me know the tracking number. Not only have I not heard anything back but they charged me for the January box after I asked that they hold off on it since December isn’t here yet. They did reverse it now but I am really bummed that I didn’t have the box for xmas, as my boyfriend was out of town and I planned to dive into a book. At this point, I feel jipped that I paid $50 Dec 1 for something I still don’t have...I really hope it isn’t holiday themed. The last thing I want to do is continue thinking about the holiday season.

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