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This last box just didn't cut it.

The Witches Bounty by The Witches Moon™ on Jun 2021

I've been a big fan of my Bounty box and my Moon Box from you guys for a minute. But this last box with the quartz laser pendant was just in poor taste. I can get the same pendant on eBay for $5. For $78 a pop, I expect a superb pendant, hard to find crystal, even rare that's just AWESOME. In fact for $78 I expect every box from Bounty to be SUPERB. I gave my pendant away as I was called to do because I already have many quartz pendants bought at a minimal price. Come on guys!!! You should have done better than this. I'm canceling my subscription. I know you have to make a profit, but you just lost me as a subscriber.

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Okay items but not worth $66.00.

Spirit Trading Company on Jun 2021

The items were ok. Crystals weren’t anything I couldn’t get cheap somewhere else. I was expecting to be very impressed but was not. I guess I set the bar too high. There are other spiritual boxes that are worth their high Cost. This isn’t one of them unfortunately. The box was very late and was already billed for another one before even receiving my first one. Tsk tsk.

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The Best Witches Box out there!

The Witches Moon® on Jun 2021

I presented the Fortuna Goddess in this month's box (Jan) to a crystal group I belong on Facebook. Over 300 people asked me about this subscription and plan on subscribing so watch out! I am completely in awe and pure joy after receiving this month's box. The Goddess is BEAUTIFUL and the anointing oil smells beyond Devine. I did the rituals as soon as I could because I felt such an immediate connection. I just wish I had the $$ to join sooner. Many Blessings!

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A true life changer.

Merkaela on Jun 2018

My son bought me this as my Xmas present. I get the deluxe quarterly subscription. It looks like you get exactly what’s pictured on the page except with different scents, pendant and teas, etc. Sizes are smaller than I expected for $66.00, but the ingredients are also natural and nothing you can pick up at your local bath and body store. I had a good size cut from a dog bite. Applied frankincense body butter and it was 30% better the next day. Skin was very supple and soft and although the scent is strong in the bottle, it’s not as strong on. I’m a Registered Nurse and just fell in love with the body butter even more the next day.
I love their manifest card. It brought a lot feelings and notions I need to change about myself. This box is worth every penny and I can see why women love this.

Just Perfect!

SugarMuses® on Jun 2018

I couldn't wait to receive this box. Just when I thought I needed to replace the Christmas wreath outside my door and SugarMuses sends me just the perfect one to replace it with! I knew it belonged at the entrance of my home. I love the crystals, candle, herbs, incense plate, sage, sacred salts and aura necklace. I plan on keeping this subscription as it's one of my favorite witches box. Give this one a chance.

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