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Superpower Academy on Nov 2021

My son literally tore into the packaging with scissors when he received his Superpower Academy box. Once opened, he jumped right into assembling his plane and doing the activities. Afterwards, I used the reading materials to show him the larger meanings behind that initial immersive activity and we had a fun conversation about the Wright brothers being an inventor, and not being afraid to make mistakes when you're trying to create something. It was a great learning experience all the way around.

Unique Family Treasure

Superpower Academy on Nov 2021

Superpower Academy is a unique family treasure for so many reasons: Our children are forced to challenge themselves with engaging, non-screentime activities; My husband and I have access to well-curated, high quality literature about important socio-emotional topics; And the fun keeps returning on a regular basis and the kids go nuts with joy! The subscription fee is a small price to pay for so much benefit for ALL. Thank you to The Coy, deliverer of awesomeness!


Superpower Academy on Nov 2021

Great Product. Great Service. It has been the best thing for my 8yo daughter. Thank You!

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