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Thinking Outside the Box

Superpower Academy on Nov 2021

We loved Superpower Academy for so many reasons. Of all the different games and toys we've purchased over the years, this is the first to really encourage growth mindset and design thinking. We've tried other kits from different companies in the past, and while those were fun, they didn't really encourage creativity or problem-solving because there was a set of instructions you needed to follow and only one right way to do things...With Superpower Academy, it was so refreshing to see my 7-year-old son engrossed in a project where mistakes are a good thing! And even though the kit came in a box, I love that it encouraged him to literally think "outside the box." After the tail of his glider kept falling off on his first design, he started looking around the house for materials he could incorporate into his design to make it more stable and fly better. It was amazing to see that spark of creativity and enthusiasm.

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