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No Planning or Prep!

Night In Boxes: Date Night In & Kids Night In on Oct 2020

I have LOVED Date Night In! My husband works full time and is in school... I work part-time and am home with our kiddos and it gets hard to schedule/plan/afford date nights. This has been the perfect solution. It's an automatic date night each month...that's a surprise for both of us! It has been so fun! It's affordable! And the best part is that we can do the date anytime... even after our kids go to bed on a weeknight.

Finally Regular Date Nights

Night In Boxes: Date Night In & Kids Night In on Oct 2020

We loved our "Fall In Love" November date night! The recipe suggestion was delicious... a perfect pairing for the evening's activities and will become a regular recipe in our rotation. We enjoyed the Spotify playlist too. But most importantly, the date night activity and conversation prompts were just what we needed! The box included a fondue kit with bowl, cinnamon candle, salted caramel for melting, chocolate, apple chips for dipping...and apple cider chap stick with "kissing exercises" and conversation prompts to reminisce about different stages in our relationship. We had a great night! Best part: no planning or prep! No need for a babysitter! We had our date on a weeknight after the kids went to bed! Looking forward to more fun, regular, in-home date nights!

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