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No more video game crates!! D:

Nostalgia Crate on Jun 2018

H'okay, so, I just want to say how much I loved my package from Nostalgia crate. I was disappointed to learn that they were cancelling out the video game crate, but I understand the reasoning and I'm still TOTALLY satisfied with my purchase.

I received two NES cartridges, Top Gun & Top Gun: The Second Mission. This is cool for a number of reasons:

A) Top Gun.
B) Set of cartridges, in sequence (And from what I can tell Nostalgia Crate likes to do things in sets. I appreciate it, frankly.)
C) They are in darn near perfect condition.

Previous complaints had me a little worried, but even if the video game crates are discontinued, I will 100% be signing up for future crates from Nostalgia.

I will also say that when I saw my subscription to the video game crate cancelled, I sent them a message in regards to it. They responded within 9 hours.

I could not be happier with the contents of this crate, the sellers, or the condition of the items received. I look forward to buying from them in the future.

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