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Worth every penny

Orange Peel Box on Jun 2018

The orange peel box is a gift for my daughter, and every month is a tremendous thrill as I give it to my daughter and her face lights up with joy and she is so happy and she says my orange pill boxes here or thank you thank you! And trust me she doesn't say that very often. At 24 years of age believe me she doesn't say very often. And it makes me so happy that I finally found something that makes her happy. Cuz she's never happy anymore. Everything in this box is fabulous and more than pays for itself every single month. As she sits down on her bed and invites me in her room to take out piece by piece and shows me one by one everything and explains to me how much she loves every single thing in the Box and where every single piece is going to go in her room and what she's going to do with every single piece and whatever singles thing means to her! And then shows me every single piece from the previous month and the month before that and the month before that. She loves everything about these boxes and cannot wait for the next box. She gives me the biggest hug and the biggest kiss and then politely boots me out of her room so she can be alone with all her brand new things. To admire them and adore them privately! And when it's time to...

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