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No contact, no refund, no help an no use

Grill Masters Club on Jun 2021

Well we are on package number three. And this one showed up damaged just like the rest of them. This time the box showed up in a bag. With whatever sauce blown up again. I've tried to get a refund and cancel but that didn't work. So here's my review of what should be zero stars. I think its junk and disrespectful that the sender wouldn't even refund us or make it right. At least my mailbox smells good.
Update 6/18/2021
I received a third box. Even though I feel a refund should have happened and that box shouldn't exist. Before I opened the box there was liquid absorbed in the card board. Good start. The lid was broken enough that the horseradish juice was everywhere. So here I am wishing I was able to upload pics here to help people avoid wasting there money. Zero stars of I could.

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