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Monthly moment of Joy!!!

Baseball Cards of the Month Club on Mar 2019

This morning was THAT MORNING in the month in which my wife, age 78, brought me my coffee along with my monthly cards of the month package. Which do I do first? Drink my coffee or open this month's surprise package. Coffee can always wait one day of the month.
Since I have 1,000's and 1,000's of cards it is difficult to find a product such as this delivered to my door containing the unique focus I have of collecting relief pitcher's cards. Per her request these folks shipped two relief pitchers- Craig Kimbel and Tony Cingrani. One signed and the other a piece of uniform.
This such a low cost deal and seeing the smiles of this 80 year and my wife's joy makes it all worth while.
We truly feel these folks care about their customers and we in turn love you for making our DAY once a month.
Craig and Lib Thompson

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