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Jeremy U.

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Not Kid Friendly

Creation Crate on Apr 2022

I do not think these reviews are real. I am a 3rd grade teacher and can honestly tell you that this was not written for children. The instructions are soooooo small and impossible to read. You also will need a computer to complete these projects, and will have to download 2 different programs if you have a MAC. The instructions are so impossible to follow, and some of the diagrams are as big as my thumb. I get that the seller probably wanted to save money on printing costs, but it is a big fail. It seems like the instructions were written by an engineer and not by an educator. I would not waste my money on this product. I ordered 3 months of creation crate and 3 months of Tinker Crate for my son's christmas present. Tinker Crate was amazing. The instructions were easy to follow, my children could do it with little help from me (which is the whole point right?) and it had many extra activities they could do. I would purchase Tinker Crate instead.

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