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Fun box, reading could be improved

Psychic Envy - Tarot Reading Subscription Box on Feb 2021

I enjoyed getting this box--there were a number of fun things in it, though the reading could have been more personal--it looked like printing pages out of a book with the meaning of each card--so that it's left to you, the person receiving it, to figure out what areas of life each card might be talking about--and I can do that myself, I'd rather have a reading where the person doing the reading connects the dots. I did like the other contents and could see the work that went into making it, but based on the reading itself, I would have liked more.

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Really Interesting!

Chakra Box on Jul 2020

Everything as described in the box. I really like being able to learn so much about ways to balance a particular chakra. The only thing I'd change is the tiny font size on all of the enclosed information cards--I had to go searching for my reading glasses in order to read everything--not a huge deal, but it would have been nice to be able to dive into the whole box immediately, since all of the info is new to me and I'd love to be able to read the cards and information without squinting.

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I really enjoy this box

Chakra Box on Jul 2020

Initally, I ordered it just to test it out and there are so many interesting things in each one, I just kept getting *one more* far I've received about 4 or 5 boxes and, well, now I want to find out about all the chakras, so I'm continuing. I'm not a huge fan of essential oils, anything scented, or teas, but I enjoy the tips, suggestions, and crystals so much that it's fine that I'm not making use of them (I know lots of other people like those sorts of things, so if you're like me and don't like them, there's still a lot to this box, and I'm finding it worth it).

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Sleuth Kings on Jun 2018

I wasn't sure how I would feel about this type of box--I haven't spent time doing puzzles or code breaking since elementary school, so I was worried the case and clues might be too hard. I was doing it myself, and did need to ask for some hints--which is actually pretty neat (you email to ask for the hints you need and an email pops back to help you and it's as if you're in a conversation with your detective "boss"). Turns out, it was challenging (some of it so challenging I definitely needed hints, but, again, I don't do this sort of thing regularly) the hints were enough to help me out and it took me a couple of hours to solve the case. I did it while I was putting my my toddlers to bed (they weren't sleepy) so I was interrupted a number of times, but I have to say, I'm THRILLED to find an activity that uses a part of my brain that I don't use regularly (I'm a toddler twin mom) and I'm even happier it's not a video game and I actually had to pull out a pen and paper to solve many of the clues. A really fun way to spend the evening and the puzzle-solving parts of my brain are coming back to life, which is awesome! Thank you! Very well done! I'd recommend it to anyone who's at all curious about it. I'm looking forward to the next case!

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Really fun and Delicious!

American Cocktail Club on Jun 2018

I got my first box (the ginger orange with mezcal and gin martinis) the drinks were easy to prepare and, frankly, the best part was that despite the fact that it was 7pm, I was in my PJs, in my livingroom, toddlers finally put to sleep, taking a sip of the drink (out of a plastic cup instead of a proper glass) transported me IMMEDIATELY back to my previous life as a decked out, dressed up, single twenty/thirty-something with a social life at the cool & and amazingly interesting bars and restaurants of NYC. I never thought I'd have that experience again--of having a really, really interesting and delicious drink just because I felt like it--and yet, here I was, re-experiencing my previous life in the comfort of my own home, without even having to hail a cab, hire a babysitter. Really fun and tasty. Thank you!

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So far so good!

Vices on Jun 2018

I didn't know what to expect AT ALL with this box (this was my first one) and I was surprised that the latest box was all about tea. However, the enclosed booklet that takes you through the history of tea and the meditative and ceremonial aspects of tea (and the lovely pictures) were a really neat departure from my regular day and actually made me want to go make some tea (which, of course, the box had many varieties to choose from, hot or iced, with the steeper included--platinum plated, something I never would have bought for myself in a million years (or anyone else, no matter how much they love tea), was actually neat to use and very pretty (yes, I admit it, making the "making of tea" experience more present, thoughtful, and luxurious for me). I haven't tried all of the teas yet, but I have to say, I am a longtime tea drinker and have tried many, many interesting varieties of loose leaf teas from around the world, and I was surprised that the moroccan mint tea (a green tea) was actually the smoothest tea I've ever had in my LIFE and the mint finish on it that sort of shows up after you swallow was a really fascinating surprise. Makes me very curious about the other teas. The ice tea pitchers sound intriguing and I'm looking forward to seeing how well they work (right now, it's the middle of winter and cold tea just doesn't sound...

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Thank you For The Food Ideas!

Num-Nums Munch Box on Jun 2018

I ordered two of these boxes, looking for foods I can give to my toddlers who have a variety of food allergies between them. As a parent of kids with allergies (including tree nuts), finding foods they can eat is an exhausting waste of time--especially since so many products are made in plants that process "tree nuts" (which couldn't be less specific when a child is only allergic to one or two varieties of tree nuts). So having someone else do the squinting at ingredient labels for me and sending a box to my door filled with things my kids can eat is wonderful. It's fun to try the different snacks--some we like, some we don't, but, again, I didn't have to spend an hour at the store searching for something safe for my kids to eat that they might also enjoy, so for each one we don't like, there's still a few we do, and that makes ALL the difference. Thank you SO much for making my life easier and saving some of my time for enjoying treats with my kids instead of searching for treats for my kids! I'm looking forward to the next box!

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