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Fulfillment/Shipping Problems

Jackie's Chocolate on Feb 2019

Unfortunately, my overall experience with Jackie’s Chocolates has not been good. I prepaid a six-month subscription and was initially and pleasantly surprised when my first box arrived within a couple weeks of my order.
Since then, it’s been a completely different story. When my second box was not shipped within the disclosed time frame, I contacted customer service and did not receive a I waited to see if they would ship it the following month. When no boxes had been shipped for two months in a row, I contacted customer service again, This time, I did receive a response. Two boxes were sent at the same time, and they arrived a couple weeks after I contacted customer service.
When the fourth box of my six-month subscription was not shipped within the disclosed time frame, I contacted customer service again and said that I am
cancelling my subscription due to poor customer service, and I asked them to fix whatever problems are going on in the fulfillment/shipment areas. They did send a box after I sent this message to them.
The fifth box of my subscription has not yet been shipped, and it is past the disclosed time frame again. I sent another message to customer service and have yet to receive a response. At the minimum, they should either send the box or refund the money for the remaining two boxes. As much as I like the chocolates, the customer service and the problems with the fulfillment and shipping departments are not...

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