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A Huge Hit With An Adventurous-Eater Tee

Tinned Fish Club on Mar 2023

My son is 14 and loves trying all types of canned fish but I never believed in my life there would somehow exist a tinned fish club. And he is loving it
One of the best things (in addition to of course the great fish choices) is honestly the paper that comes with it with a suggested recipe for how to best enjoy each fish. My son is eating the tuna "tartare" as we speak. I also really appreciate the little ingredient packets to make these ideas happen (tartar sauce, lemon juice, mango chili seasoning, etc)
This is such a cool box!

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Such a Great Mom Gift!

Boxy Momma on Jan 2021

My husband and kids got me a Christmas gift of a monthly subscription to Boxy Momma! This month's theme is "Meltdowns and Mayhem" with lots of calming items and some humor. A funny shirt and towel, calming oils and sprays, caffeinated chocolate, a face mask and more. I love it

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