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Sadly CANCELLED - no customer support

Hawaii's Coffee Box- A Hawaiian Coffee Tour in a Box on Feb 2021

UPDATE Feb 21: After a box was stolen or misdelivered I reached out several times and in different ways, but received no response from Hawaii's Coffee Box. Since they ship with insurance I would be able to make a claim (or HCB could make a claim) on the lost package, but with no contact and no information it's impossible to move forward. Since the company seems to have gone silent I have cancelled my subscription.
I love the variety of Hawaiian coffees we've discovered through this box! It's been such a comfort in a year that we can't actually make it to the islands for a visit, and given that we need to have coffee anyway (NEED COFFEE) it is so handy to have some delivered every now and then. Not every shipment is a 2-bag shipment; as you probably know some Hawaiian coffees are very expensive. But many shipments HAVE been 2-baggers. I am very happy with the value. And I do like the little extra treats that sometimes come in the box. I would say it would be OK if the extras weren't always strictly coffee-related. (A little pack of mac nuts or something else of Hawaiian origin would be cool!)

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